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The PCC of St Magnus the Martyr is looking to retain the services of consultant/s to advise on the following projects, and is inviting immediate expressions of interest:

Project A - business advice - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED
1.    Development of a revised business plan for the parish to ensure its heritage and history are sustained for the long term
2.    Advice on income stream diversification so that the parish is on a secure financial footing and maximising the use of its assets

Project B - Covid safety - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED
1.    Covid safety training/advice - provision of advice, briefings, training sessions or other relevant services and materials to ensure staff, volunteers, visitors, contractors and others can  visit St Magnus safely
2.    Covid safety works - advice on any works required to ensure the physical layout, processes etc are safe

Project C - new church website
1.    Design requirements for a new modern church website to support the current functionality, future functionality for streaming events, search engine optimisation, mailing lists, with the result to be accessible on major devices and easily maintained by the in house content providers.
2.    Building and implementation of the approved design.

Project D - creation of a virtual tour of the church - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

1.    Introductory video with voiceover to present the church in its setting.
2.    Drone footage of the exterior of the church.
3.    Virtual tour using 360° photography, with floorplan, ambient music and link to Paypal for donations.
4.    Interface and content management system (Wordpress) with 30 information icons linking to text, images and audio/video clips.
5.    Video/audio recordings (*7) for use in pop-ups.
6.    Zoomable Hi-Res stills for 5 areas of the church.
7.    Virtual reality scan of a 14-foot model using photogrammetry.

Project E - A bespoke display case and plinth for its model of old London Bridge

Someone to create a bespoke display case and plinth for its 14-foot model of old London Bridge.  The plinth should take the form of a wooden cabinet, incorporating cupboards with solid wood doors, on to which will be secured a Perspex hood for all-angle viewing.

All projects will start as soon as possible, and full details of the specifications will be provided to interested parties. Applicants may apply to deliver on all or any of the projects. Funding has been provided by the Culture Recovery Fund. To express interest please email and include a contact name and phone number for follow-up.